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Case Studies

Creating Order

A new client facing an invasive audit was attempting to navigate the complexity of a detailed request for information.  With a tech stack including payroll, invoicing, Shopify, PayPal, Coinbase and more, the request not only was confusing, but also overwhelming. The Code team was tasked with assembling and organizing supporting documentation, and managing the audit process. Thousands of documents later, the audit resulted in tens of thousands in savings and a lot less anxiety to the business owner.


A client with more than a dozen companies in QuickBooks was having difficulties understanding their business and keeping up with reconciling activities.  With varying financial statements, it felt like a serious chore.  Transitioning from management to leadership, The Code team converted all accounts to Xero, harmonized the chart of accounts across the enterprise, and created a process of review for the group, instead of individual companies, saving many hours of frustration to the business owner.

Contract Management

A client was preparing to run an influencer campaign with over 100 influencers. Contracting was a huge time requirement for the executive in charge. The Code team standardized the process through templates and multi-stage info gathering in DocuSign. The only involvement by the executive was the final signature, saving untold number of hours during the most sensitive time for a marketing campaign and removing a serious distraction with negotiating over 100 individual contracts.

Payroll Management

A new client was faced with onboarding and managing over 150 employees across more than a dozen cities. While onboarding presents its own challenges, maintaining this many employees is a whole new level of difficulty. With garnishments, bank changes, disciplinary actions, dismissals, and various complaints, The Code team not only assumed the staff maintenance function, but also continues to provide sound advice, which reduces legal fees and allows executive management to concentrate on growing the business.

Fraud Prevention

Unfortunately, financial crimes are a Big Business. Seeing our clients lose money to simple impersonations is painful, especially when it is preventable. The Code team developed an internal process to identify phishing attempts, resulting in quantifiable savings to our clients. Being simply vigilant is no longer enough in the current tech-saturated business world. We guide our clients in following a simple process infused with basic paranoia when engaged in money flowing activities. Ronald Reagan was right in using an old Russian proverb, “Trust, but verify.”


Faced with an extortion demand from a vendor, a serious failure was quickly developing for a client involved in an international live event watched by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Negotiating in a foreign country and in a foreign language, the project required a thorough understanding of contract law, logistics, ethics, and game theory. Identifying the subtle difference between business leverage and extortion resulted in a unique strategy of managing the conflict.  In the end, the project was fulfilled and the vendor successfully sued for their unethical behavior. Averting a mutually destructive act, the savings easily surpass multi-million dollar claims for nonperformance of contractual obligations. We bring decades of experience to difficult negotiations.